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Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 2.26.45 PM“I love this place, a lot of fun and you learn so much at every class. Katayoun is amazing!  If you want to learn about technique, or rhythms, or just love to move and dance, I recommend you check it out!”  Becky H. (Student Testimonials)

Fall session starts September 8!
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Fall session: September 8 – November 16 (10 weeks)

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FEES:  Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

New Students! We are so excited to have you join our amazing community! Here’s how to get started:

Enroll and register for the session to become a member. Registration fees for new students are:
$230/Adult= ($50 for membership + $180 for 10-wk class session)
$210/child= ($30 for membership + $180 for 10 wk class session)

Please review membership benefits in our complete Studio Policies.

Drop-in to one class. A single class is $22/class (membership is not included)

FALL 2015 CLASSES – Choose your class and enroll now!

Theme: “Fall in Love with Folklore!”
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Kids Raqs (Ages 5-12)
Wednesdays 5:30p – 6:20p, Sept 9 – Nov 11kidsclass1

Kids gain physical and mental benefits of dance; develop expanded world-view, and learn universal dance skills through Arab and Persian dance styles.

Register for Kids Raqs ($210, includes membership)

Ballet with Veronique (Adult. Beginner/Multilevel)
Mondays 12p – 1p, Sept 14 – Nov 16Nica Tran

Practice the fundamentals of classical ballet with a focus on barre exercises. We will practice proper alignment, dance positions, and clean technique along with dance combinations.

Register for Ballet ($230, includes membership)

Middle Eastern Dance Fundamentals (Teen/Adult, all ages and abilities welcome)
Mondays 6p – 6:55p, Sept 14 – Nov 16

Learn the fundamentals of dance through the beautiful body-friendly movements of Middle Eastern dance styles. You will learn confidence with general dance skills which are used in all dance forms including belly dance and Persian dance. Learn proper muscle engagement, body isolations, dynamic movements, dance positions, and counting skills for understanding music and choreography. Plus, you will explore movements and music of a variety of cultural dance styles as you gain core flexibility, fluidity and strength, and improve your posture and circulation. No prior experience required.
Katayoun, Master Instructor

Register for Middle Eastern Dance Fundamentals ($230, includes membership)

Beginner Belly Dance (Teen/Adult, all ages and abilities welcome)
Tuesdays 5:45p – 6:40p, Sept 8 – Nov 10

Contrary to its popular name, “belly dancing” requires the use of every muscle in the body. Come learn how to find and train the dancing muscles in your entire body. Explore the many facets of Middle Eastern dance styles. Learn how to use body alignment, muscle control, and cultural steps and music as an avenue of self-expression and stress relief. Learn muscle isolations, proper alignment, hip combinations, traveling steps, graceful arms and shimmies. Have fun exploring a variety of music with step-by-step combinations inspired by folkloric traditions. No prior experience required. Great for new and continuing students, as well as continuing students who wish to review the basics of Middle Eastern dance styles. Each week you will learn new movements and combinations.

Register for Beginner Belly Dance ($230, includes memberships)

Bandari2Belly Dance with Katayoun: Folkloric Sampler  (Teen/Adult, Multilevel)
Tuesday 6:45p – 7:40p, Sept 8 – Nov 10

Explore a variety of cultural flavors and movement styles. Learn something new in every class and continue to refine your technique and understanding of Middle Eastern dance and music. Explore choreography and combinations of a variety of folkloric-style movements that are the foundation of modern belly dance. Dance styles explored may include saidi, fellahi, baladi and khaleejy. Students must be proficient in basic dance vocabulary.

Register for Belly Dance with Katayoun: Folkloric Sampler ($230, includes membership)


Folkloric Fusion Belly Dance with Katayoun  (Teen/Adult, Multilevel)
Mondays 7:00p – 7:55p, Sept 14 – Nov 16

Explore the folk-inspired sounds and movements of modern belly dance fusion in Katayoun’s Raqs Mosaique format, an eclectic blend of modern world music with traditional Middle Eastern movements and concepts. We will work on hip movements, traveling steps, simple turns, floor patterns, 4/4 and 3/4 shimmies culminating in dynamic choreographed sequences. Students must be proficient in basic dance vocabulary. Dance shoes recommended.

Register for Folkloric Fusion Belly Dance with Katayoun ($230, includes membership)


☺ Lunchtime Shimmy & Stretch with Katayoun (Adult, Beginner/Multilevel)
Wednesdays 12p – 12:50p, Sept 9 – Nov 11

This class focuses on core strength and flexibility which help prevent injury, alleviate low back pain and dramatically improve all of your movements. Gentle and low-impact. Develop core stamina, strength and flexibility through a variety of Middle Eastern-inspired movements. Explore dance movements and music derived from Persian and belly dance. This class is great for beginners as well as students with some experience who want practice and refine their skills.

Register for Lunchtime Shimmy & Stretch ($230, includes membership)

BandarihipsShimmyFit! (Teen/Adult, Beginner/Multilevel)
Wednesdays 6:30p – 7:25p, Sept 9 – Nov 11

Come learn how to find and train the dancing muscles in your entire body! Learn how to move safely and dance injury-free for years to come. Fast-paced yet low-impact. Beginners who like a challenge are welcome! Build your skills, develop stamina, and expand your movement vocabulary as you go on a musical journey. Learn a variety of Middle Eastern-inspired movements and energetic steps. Practice with fun drills-based choreography.

Register for ShimmyFit ($230, includes membership)

SuzanaBelly Dance Basics & Beyond with Suzana (Teen/Adult, Beginner/Multilevel)
Wednesdays 8:30p – 9:25p, Sept 9 – Nov 11

Have fun exploring belly dance through its folkloric roots. We will practice technique, combinations and styling. This class is great for new students as well as students with some experience who would like to refresh and improve their skills. Participants will leave class with a heightened sense of body awareness, a healthier posture and improved mood.

Register for Belly Dance Basics & Beyond with Suzana ($230, includes membership)

Rhythm & Raqs♬ (Teen/Adult, Multilevel)
Wednesdays 7:30p – 8:25p, Sept 9 – Nov 11

DrummingImprove your understanding of belly dance flavors by learning about the music and cultural background. Learn how to dance to popular rhythms and how to apply that knowledge to choreography and improvisation. Learn different rhythms, choreographic concepts, and how to play finger cymbals or Arabic tabla (doumbek). Instruction includes rhythm drills, dance combinations, and ensemble concepts. This is not a dance technique class, however it is a great class in conjunction with any of our other classes, which are more technique-based. Finger cymbals are optional. Beginner and experienced drummers are welcome. Purchase recommended instruments from the vendors below, or from your favorite retailer, where available:

Recommended cymbals:

Saroyan (intermediate, Nefertiti)

Turqoise (size B, intermediate)

Recommended drum for beginner drummers:

Alexandria Doumbek by Mid-East Manufacturing, 10.6in x 17in

Register for Rhythm & Raqs ($230, includes membership)



Persian Dance: Folkloric Sampler  (Teen/Adult, Multilevel)
Tuesday 6:45p – 7:40p, Sept 8 – Nov 10

Learn about the beauty and history of Persian dance. Characterized by fluid and expressive movements of the arms and upper body, Persian dance is often confused as a style of belly dance. Explore how Persian dance is sometimes incorporated into belly dance and how to use both to enhance your dance experience and improve your performance. Dancers of all styles are welcome to learn about this very unique art form that is perfectly suited for storytelling and personal expression. This session you will explore the flavors of various folk dances of Iran. Learn the foundation of Katayoun’s core-based vocabulary of Persian dance. Styles of Iranian regional dances may include Bandari, Kordi, Gilaki, Azari and social party dances. We will explore footwork, traveling, group dynamics, turns, hand movements, nuances and body movements unique to each style. Students must be proficient in basic dance vocabulary. Ballet shoes required.

Register for Persian Dance ($230, includes membership)

Intermediate/Advanced Belly Dance: Raqs al Assaya Choreography (Teen/Adult)
Mondays 8p – 9p, Sept 14 – Nov 16

Eshveh Assaya Sitara AmiraLearn how to access the energy and freedom of fluid, graceful and intricate movements with a deeper understanding of technique and musicality. This session you will learn Katayoun’s signature folkloric styling and a saidi choreography for group performance incorporating the assaya (dance cane). The women’s cane dance is a popular performance style of Egyptian folkloric stage shows. A playful imitation of the men’s martial arts tradition “tahtib,” raqs al assaya demonstrates feminine strength and power with softness and elegance. We will work on saidi styling and musicality, hip combinations, 3/4 and 4/4 shimmies, footwork, traveling, group dynamics, turns and cane maneuvers. Using the cane requires wrist action. Students must have minimum one year dance training and above average fitness level. Ballet shoes required. Bring at least one dance cane; two if you would like to learn double-cane technique. You may purchase performance dance canes from Dahlal Internationale for $10 each.

Register for Interm/Adv Belly Dance ($230, includes membership)



Curriculum meets criteria for international certification from CID (International Dance Council)

 high energy, fast-paced

☺ gentle, low-impact, self-paced

Please review our Studio Policies.
If you have questions or need guidance in selecting a class, contact Katayoun.
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