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Belly Dance and Persian Dance in Sterling, VA

 Fall 2014: Sept 8 – Nov 17Mosaiquelogo4plain

This session’s theme:

“Fall in Love with Folkloric!” Explore, Experiment, Evolve!

~No classes October 13, Columbus Day~

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FEES:  Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.Fall 2014 UPDATE Class Schedule Image

Membership Registration: $50/adult, $30/minor; required for new students

Tuition per class: $180/10-week session

Single Class Drop-in: $22/class (Member: $20/class)

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Beginner: No previous experience required

Intro to Middle Eastern Dance with Katayoun (Beginner), Mondays 5:45p – 6:40p
Explore a variety of movement styles as you have fun developing self-confidence through dance. Each week, new movements, topics and music will be introduced, including belly dance isolations, Persian dance steps, veil dancing, folkloric flavors, and head-to-toe skill drills. Email Katayoun to join the remainder of the session.

Belly Dance ShimmyFit (Beginner/Multi-level), Wednesdays 6:30p – 7:25p (Currently Not Available). Email Katayoun to be on the waiting list:
Learn to dance, get fit and have fun! This is a low-impact dance class designed to maximize the fitness benefits of belly dance in a fun, challenging format. Tone core muscles, improve flexibility, balance and coordination as you build on basic skills culminating in dynamic drills and choreographed sequences. Perfect for new and experienced dancers who enjoy a fast-paced dance class. ♥low-intensity cardio. All abilities, shapes and sizes are welcome! This class will be offered in the winter session, beginning January 2015. 

Persian Dance Party! (Beginner/Multi-level), Tuesdays 7:30p – 8:25p (Currently Not Available). Email Katayoun to be on the waiting list:
Get fit, learn to dance and have fun as you explore the popular flavors of Persian dance. Movements and music are derived from contemporary and traditional Iranian dances, which include body movements, step combinations and footwork. Ballet shoes or dance sneakers required (no athletic shoes). ♥low-intensity cardio. Beginner-Multilevel. All abilities, shapes and sizes are welcome! This class will be offered in the winter session, beginning January 2015.

Ballet with Nica (Beginner/Multi-level), Mondays 12p – 1p
In addition to barre and center exercises, students will work on a choreography. Learn and practice the fundamentals of dance including foot placement, body alignment, balance and control, while gaining the many benefits of ballet training. With emphasis on technique and injury prevention, practice classical barre exercises and center combinations while improving strength, coordination and flexibility. Especially designed for adults, this class is suitable for beginners as well as students with previous dance training in any style. Ballet shoes required. Email Katayoun to join the remainder of the session.

Multi-Level: Six months prior experience or instructor approval.

Belly Dance Folkloric Flavors with Katayoun (multi-level), Tuesdays 6:30p – 7:25p
This session, we explore joyous and diverse flavors of belly dance through its folkloric roots! Based on a core-driven cultural dance vocabulary, integrated with universal dance concepts, the goal of this class is to develop a culturally diverse movement vocabulary in a fun and relaxed multi-level format. With an emphasis on strong technique and musicality, students will explore high-energy steps, dynamic body movements, and choreography. Dance shoes recommended for safety and enjoyment. Email Katayoun to join the remainder of the session.

Belly Dance Technique & Artistry with Ayperi (Multi-level), Mondays 6:45p – 7:40p
Learn and improve belly dance skills and performance concepts for mastery, taught in Ayperi’s signature style. This class emphasizes strong technique and musicality, integrated with universal dance concepts, to develop fitness, artistry and self-confidence in a fun and relaxed multi-level format. Email Katayoun to join the remainder of the session.

Rhythm & Raqs (Multi-level), Wednesdays 7:30p – 8:25p
Learn essential rhythms and how to play finger cymbals with a folkloric choreography. Learn how to incorporate finger cymbals into your dance. While we practice basic dance steps and combinations with our cymbal patterns, this is not a dance technique class. In this class, we will focus on learning about Middle Eastern music, rhythms, phrasing and combinations. Bring finger cymbals or drum.  Email Katayoun to join the remainder of the session.

Intermediate/Advanced: One year prior Middle Eastern dance training, or instructor approval.

Egyptian Raqs with Katayoun (Interm/adv), Mondays 7:45p – 8:40p.
This session, learn how to create a solo folkloric show! You will explore many challenging concepts including: Internal movements and hip articulation; Foot positions and arm paths; Turns and transitions; Shimmies; Basic zill drills; Assaya (cane) maneuvers; Styling & Musicality; Staging, level changes, floor patterns; and drum solo. Materials needed: finger cymbals, assaya (cane) or tahtib, khalijy thobe, knee pads and dance shoes. Email Katayoun to join the remainder of the session. Drop-in’s welcome!


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Contact Katayoun if you have questions, need guidance in selecting a class, or to request registration after session start date.

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