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Belly Dance and Persian Dance in Sterling, VA

About Us


If you are seeking a fun, non-competitive place to learn dance from experienced and master teachers, you found us! Your safety, enjoyment and success are our top priorities in our student-centered approach. You will be welcomed to a positive learning environment where you can pursue dance training for fun, wellness and self-empowerment. You will be treated with respect and positive encouragement, regardless of your age, experience or ability.

Owned and operated by master instructor, Katayoun Hutson, Mosaique offers the most expert instruction of belly dance and Persian dance based on authentic cultural styles. While the heart of our unique program is firmly rooted and infinitely inspired by traditional forms, we embrace a contemporary vision of artistic and individual expression.

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Our Vision

We envision an inviting, supportive and dynamic community where you can strive for your full potential in all of your endeavors. 

Our Mission

  • To educate our members and the public of the importance of dance and music as a cultural heritage
  • To celebrate the cultural connections we share as a society through different our languages, dances and musical traditions
  • To promote fitness, well-being and self-advancement through dance, music and cultural studies

Our Values

  • Education, enjoyment and personal growth above competition
  • Appreciation of cultural diversity through the arts
  • Respectful and authentic representations, while recognizing cross-cultural influences
  • Celebrate artistic achievements and encourage innovation with traditional ideals


Mosaique does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity or political affiliation.  All who believe in our mission and values are welcome to participate in our programs and share in our vision.

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