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Nica TranNica Tran

From a very young age, Nica was enamored with dance and movement. She began ballet training with The National Ballet of Canada and then studied Asian traditional dances with The Beijing Song and Dance Company in Beijing, China and at STSI Indonesian Dance Academy in Bali thanks to a year-long fellowship from the Indonesian Embassy of Washington DC.

Nica graduated from American University with a B.A. in dance. She currently teaches belly dance in the Washington, DC area and directs her dance company, Arabesque. She feels very fortunate to have studied with Tamra El Henna, Amir Thaleb, Jillina, Mohamed Shahin and Saida among many others.

Prior to belly dance, she was a professional ballet, modern, Spanish, Flamenco, and Classical Balinese dancer and choreographer. Her career brought her the opportunity to live and dance on four continents and perform at diverse venues, from Lincoln Center in New York City to the sacred temples in Bali.

As a Spanish dancer, Nica studied and performed both regional Spanish and Flamenco with the Spanish Dance Society under Dame Marina Keet and with the Joanna Del Rio Dance Company. Nica is honored to have studied with studied with Dame Alicia Diaz of the National Ballet of Spain, Nelida Tirado, Susana di Palma among others. She currently takes classes with Debra Belo.

Nica also studies the doumbek/tabla and credits her teachers Brad Sidwell, Souhail Kaspar, Ozzy, and Issam Houshan of the Bellydance Superstars for enlightening her to the beautiful rhythms of the Middle East.

Nica is founder and executive director of Circle of World Arts, a 501-c educational organization whose mission is, “Peacebuilding through the performing arts.” She is also founder and director of CWA’s Oriental Dance Academy.

Nica teaches Adult Ballet at Mosaique, as well as specialty topic workshops, drawing from her vast cultural dance background.

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