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Katayoun’s Summer Intensive

Katayoun’s Last-Blast-of-Summer Intensive!

Sat-Sun August 27-28, 2016

***Limited to 10 participants***

Join Katayoun for master-level training and take your dance to the next level!

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Limited to a small group, this intensive weekend is designed to help you advance your skills through in-depth technique, musical understanding, and performance skills. Open to serious dancers with minimum of 1-year progressive belly dance training (any style). Bring water bottle, veil, dance shoes, notebook and yoga mat.

Complete Weekend Special: $170, breakfast and lunch included.

A 50% non-refundable deposit reserves your spot. Balance due upon arrival.

Current Member: Click here for member rates and registration. All others, register below.

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8/27 Saturday – Oriental & Folkloric

Refine the quality of your movements, liberate your musicality, and awaken your hidden abilities. Embed it all into your muscle memory, and train your body and brain to dance together in perfect harmony.

9am Meet & Greet Breakfast and Costume Workshop (breakfast provided)

10am – 12:30 Technique

To Infinity and Beyond: Figures 8’s Every Which Way.  Learn how to use your core muscles to create snaky controlled movements that will liberate your back, knees and shoulders for injury-free and dynamic dancing for years to come. We will explore four types of figure 8’s, and up to eight variations, including the multi-dimensional Egyptian Eight, and the elusive “Jewel.”

Earth Benders: Shimmy Technique & Artistry. Surrender to the shake and embrace the jiggle! We will focus on Katayoun’s four signature shimmies: hip shimmy, leg shimmy, butt shimmy and 3/4 shimmy on the down derived from Hagallah. We will also explore variations of chest and shoulder shimmies. You will learn how to prevent injury and power your shimmies with better alignment and dynamic muscle engagement. Ride the wave of strong, earthy and elegant hip work and settle into a relaxed state of controlled confident shimmies! The goal is to help you understand flawless shimmies and achieve a delicate balance of conscious core engagement with total relaxation. We’ll move in perfect time to the music as we explore many variations, including layering and interpretation of rhythms and instruments.

12:30p – 1:30p Lunch provided

1:30p – 3:30p Choreography & Improvisation

I Meant to Do That: Easy Improv.  Explore Katayoun’s formula for creating dynamic improvised dances. We will review variations of essential movements and steps with a simple choreography that has plenty of room to add your personal flair. Then we will determine movement patterns from this choreography that go with almost any 4/4 Arabic style music. Learn how these movement patterns, when linked together in any combination, sprinkled with nuances, pivots and turns, highlight the music to create an exciting and fun performance for you and your audience. As time allows, we will explore how these movement patterns can be applied to more interesting and complex rhythms such as masmoudi and samaii thaqil. This is a great method for creating choreography, too.

Saturday Aug. 27 7p, Last Blast of Summer Belly Dance Hafla at Sorrento Grill

Intensive participants are invited to perform! Spots are limited. Register early to get a priority performance spot! Sorrento Grill is a wonderful casual and family-friendly establishment to try out a new dance, network with other dancers, and get performance experience in a safe, supportive environment. After you register, email Katayoun to request a performance spot. Join the Facebook Event for updates.

8/28 Sunday – Persian Dance

A popular complimentary dance to Oriental and fusion belly dance styles, Persian dance technique and expression includes beautiful arm and hand movements, fluid upper body carriage, dynamic poses, dazzling turns and strong footwork. Expand your movement repertoire with Katayoun’s core-based Persian dance vocabulary and aesthetics. Enhance your dance education by exploring storytelling and musicality with a variety of Persian musical and stylistic forms.

9am Breakfast/Q & A “Ask Me Anything,” Katayoun will let you pick her brain with your burning questions.

10am – 12:30p Persian Dance Technique & Aesthetics

Express Yourself: Beautiful Arms and Hands.  Elegant wrist circles, dramatic arm sweeps and delicate hand undulations…each movement can express a feeling, mood or action. Like words that have meaning when strung together, they can tell a story. We will explore Persian dance technique and transitions for beautiful expressive arms, hands and upper body fluidity that you can apply to any dance style.

Poetry in Motion: Traveling, Turns & Transitions.  Transform simple movements into poetry in motion in any dance style. Learn Katayoun’s secrets for seamless transitions you can use in choreography or improvisation that connect you and your audience to the music. Learn how to use your dance space, no matter how small or big, to empower and liberate your musicality. Drawing from Persian and Oriental dance, we will explore the art and science of turns and pivots to add variety and excitement to your dance while helping you develop core balance and control.

12:30p – 1:30p Lunch provided

1p – 3p Choreography & Storytelling

“Raghs-eh Bazak”: Persian Dance Choreography (Make-Up Dance).  In this workshop, Katayoun shares a modern interpretation of a traditional Persian dance, depicting a woman’s ritual of preparing herself to meet a suitor. Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Robyn Friend, Katayoun adapts the ritual to reflect both the act of primping and the mental preparation women and girls practice before a special event. In this original choreography, gestures and expressions are derived from traditional Persian dance and convey feelings and tell a story with layers of interpretation. Elegant Persian dance steps, poses and turns add dynamic characterization to this stage-worthy dance that will help dancers of all levels and styles improve their posture, poise and stage presence. If attempting the level change to the floor, bring knee pads. You may also wish to bring a long circle skirt to practice the turn concept.


Out-of-Town Dancers

Here are a few nearby hotels, within 1-2 miles (or less) of our studio and Dulles International Airport (IAD):

Spring Hill Suites Dulles Airport

Hampton Inn and Suites Washington Dulles Airport (Holiday Park Dr)

Best Western Dulles Airport Inn



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