Mosaique Center for Cultural Arts

Belly Dance and Persian Dance in Sterling, VA

Specialty Workshops

Our specialty workshops are multilevel 2-hour events that offer you the opportunity to delve deep into a specialized skill or dance style. Dancers of all styles who are proficient in basic dance vocabulary are welcome and encouraged to register.

Current members, register here.

Evocative Entrances with Suzana
Sunday October 15
12pm – 2pm

Egyptian entrance music usually include a folkloric section, most often saidi, baladi, or khaliji. A well-trained dancer knows what style of movement to use for each. It’s easy to bring in some folk vocabulary and “check that box,” but why not dig deeper and evoke the essence of the music.  We’ll go beyond the moves and incorporate impassioned postures, lines, gestures, and expression as we embrace the theatrical nature of folkloric dance for a more dynamic, fun, and memorable show!



ShimmyFit & Fabulous Workshop 2017!
Sunday November 26
12pm – 2pm

Join us for our annual post-turkey dance fun!

Explore elegant movements, high-energy steps, dynamic drills and fun routines set to exciting world music of Persian, Egyptian folklore and modern belly dance! We’ll review some of our favorite choreographies and conclude with Katayoun’s 20-minute shimmy drill. All levels of experience and ability welcome! Bring a water bottle. Come prepared to sweat, have a blast and dance your booty off!


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