Mosaique Center for Cultural Arts

Belly Dance and Persian Dance in Sterling, VA

Performance Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in Mosaique-sponsored shows Opportunities are provided to all eligible students. Participation in performances is determined at the discretion of instructor(s) and event producer. Priority is given to students enrolled in the advanced performance classes.

Performance opportunities may include:

  • NoRooz event (Persian New Year) featuring traditional Persian and folklore dance
  • Theatrical event, a themed show of traditional and culturally-inspired interpretive dance
  • Haflas and studio shows, low-key events in an intimate setting ideal for soloists and new performers
  • Community events representing Mosaique, such as benefits, festivals, and local belly dance haflas

Students who wish to perform in Mosaique-sponsored events must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or have parental consent
  • Be a current Mosaique member, AND enrolled in and attend Mosaique dance and/or music classes consistently for at least one year
  • Demonstrate understanding and ability to follow the criteria each event including costume guidelines, rehearsal schedules and event requirements. 

Each event is unique and has different requirements. Specific criteria will be provided for each event separately.

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