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Belly Dance and Persian Dance in Sterling, VA

Books & Publications

Academic and Historical Perspectives


A Pictorial History of Turkish Dancing – Metin And, Ankara, Turkey

A Trade Like Any Other, Female Singer & Dancers in Egypt – Karin van Nieuwkerk

Ancient Egyptian Dance – Irene Lexova

Belly Dance, the Dance of Mother Earth – Tina Hobin

Choreophobia: Solo Improvised Dance in the Iranian World –  Anthony Shay

Grandmother’s Secrets: The Ancient Rituals and Healing Power of Belly Dancing – Rosina Fawzia B. Al-Rawi

Indian Classical Dance (Tradition in Transition) – Leela Venkataranaman & Avinash Pasricha

Looking for Little Egypt – Donna Carlton

Sacred Women, Sacred Dance – Iris J. Stewart

Serpent of the Nile, Women & Dance in the Arab World – Wendy Bounaventura

The Hidden Language of the Vintage Belly Dance, Amir Thaleb

Orientalist Dance – Paintings and travelers’ accounts

World of Middle Eastern Dance, Penni Al Zayer


Dastgah Concept in Persian Music, (Cambridge Studies in Ethnomusicology), Hormoz Farhat

A History of Arabian Music to the XIIIth Century, Henry George Farmer

The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travel in Central Asia, Theodore Levin

Let Jasmine Rain Down: Song and Remembrance among Syrian Jews, Kay Kaufman Shelemay

Makam: Modal Practice in Turkish Art Music, Karl L. Signell, PhD

Making Music in the Arab World: The Culture and Artistry of Tarab (Cambridge Middle East Studies), Ali Jihad Racy

Maluf: Reflections on the Arab Andalusian Music of Tunisia, Ruth Davis

Music and Media in the Arab World, Michael Frishkopf

Music of the Arabs (includes CD, Touma Habib)

Music in Ancient Arabia and Spain, Julian Ribera

Music in East Africa: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music Series), Gregory Barz

Music in Egypt: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music Series, includes CD), Scott L. Marcus

Music in North India: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music Series), George E. Ruckert

Music in Turkey: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music Series), Eliot Bates

Music in West Africa: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music Series), Ruth M. Stone

Popular Culture in the Arab World, Andrew Hammond

Popular Music and National Culture in Isreal, Motti Regev

The Republic of Love: Cultural Intimacy in Turkish Popular Music, Martin Stokes

Taqasim: Art of Improvisation in Arabic Music, Ali Jihad Racy

Traveling Spirit Masters: Moroccan Gnawa and Trance Music in the Global Marketplace, Deborah Kapchan

The Voice of Egypt: Umm Kulthoum, Arabic song and Egyptian Society in the Twentieth Century, (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology), Virginia Danielson

When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm, Layne Redmond

Dance Instruction and Reference

Basic Production for Belly Dance – Roger Wood

Belly Dancing Basics – Laura A. Cooper

Bellydance: A Guide to Middle Eastern Dance, Its Music, Culture and Costume – Keti Sharif

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery – Eric Franklin

The Tribal Bible – Kajira Djoumahna

The Art of Belly Dancing – Dahlena

The New Art of Belly Dancing – Adla Vergara with Roman Balladine & Sulu

The Secrets of Belly Dancing – Roman Balladine & Sulu

Style File: A Visual Vocabulary of Middle Eastern Dance – Dawn Devine Brown

Music Instruction and Reference

Arabic Musical Scales: Basic Maqam Teachings, Cameron Powers

Hal Leonard Oud Method (Instruction), John Bilezikjian

The Magnificent Darbuka Rhythms: A Beginner’s Guide, Assorted Authors

Mel Bay presents The Basic of Oud, (book and DVD), Marina Toshich

Rhythm is the Cure: Southern Italian Tambourine, (book and DVD) Allessandra Belloni

Magazines and Journals

The Belly Dancer Magazine,

The Chronicles Magazine,



Tribal Talk,


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