Mosaique Center for Cultural Arts

Belly Dance and Persian Dance in Sterling, VA

Costumes & Accessories

Katayoun’s 10 Costume Tips:
  1. Embrace your shape
  2. Celebrate your color
  3. Honor your music and dance style
  4. The Rule of 2/3: Highlight 2 of three asset areas (chest, midriff, leg).
  5. Be stage-worthy. Use bright colors, sparkles and textures.
  6. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
  7. Your arms are part of your body, too. Decorate them!
  8. Respect your hands and feet. Mani-pedi for confidence
  9. Never spend more $ on costumes than on dance lessons
  10. Costume expense equals level of experience and performance
Dance Accessories & Costumes
Recommended Suppliers

Amira’s Veils
Hand-dyed 100 % silk veils at affordable prices in a large selection of colors and designs.

Dahlal Internationale
High quality professional and student costumes, accessories and apparel. Features costume and music resource pages.

Discount Dance SupplyDiscountDanceStudioIDCode
Low-priced mainstream dance clothing and shoes

L .Rose Designs
Custom order costumes and accessories. Large selection of fabrics and options on base designs. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Scheherazade Imports
Based in Richmond, VA. Costumes, accessories, music and books. Vends at regional and national events.

Other Suppliers

All About Dance
Low-priced mainstream dance clothing and shoes

Akai Silks
Hand-dyed one-of-a-kind silk veils.
Affordable costumes, accessories, music and jewelry.

BellyDance Shoppe
Accessories, music, DVD/videos, costumes and gifts.

Belly Dance Store
Exquisite imported belly dance costumes.

Belly Dance with K
Affordable Egyptian costumes and hip scarves.

Dance 4 Less
Low-priced mainstream dance clothing and shoes

Isis Exchange
Costumes, accessories, supplies and music.

River’s Edge Dancewear
Low-priced mainstream dance clothing and shoes

Sharif Wear
Costumes, accessories and apparel for dance and club wear.

Shimmy Shimmy
Costumes, accessories, jewelry, music and video.

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