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Belly Dance and Persian Dance in Sterling, VA


American Ballet Theater
Resources and information for ballet including an interactive ballet dictionary.

Arabic Song Lyrics Translations
The largest Arabic music blog with over 800 songs of over 170 artists from the Arab-speaking world.

Art of Middle Eastern Dance by Shira
Comprehensive site for information. Includes, articles and tips on various aspects of the dance, video reviews and a worldwide directory of dancers and teachers.

Desert Moon Dance Academy
This site offers rich articles and glossaries on Middle Eastern dance movements and styles, including regional/folkloric dances, costuming and music.

Gilded Serpent
Online e-zine with new articles monthly. Older articles are archived. Provides news on historical views, latest trends, events, opinions, scandals, and stars of Middle Eastern dance worldwide.

Morocco’s Meanderings
By Morocco, a.k.a. Carolina Varga Dinicu (affectionately known as “Aunt Rocky”). Includes articles on belly dancing and childbirth, floor work, ethics of ethnic, and historical perspectives.

Helene Eriksen
Authority on Central Asian and Middle Eastern dance style including classical and folkloric regional dances.

International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED)
Recognizes and awards international stars of belly dance, their achievements, and contributions to the art form. Produces high quality performance and instructional DVDs.

Ja’s Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ’s
A page devoted to Middle Eastern rhythms and percussion.

Near East Dance
Online Near East Dance textbook by Natasya Kitsikaris. Includes historical and regional perspectives, music interpretation and movement vocabulary.

Oriental Dancer.Net – BellyDancer Hub
Online community of belly dancers from all over the world. Site features many articles and resources including styles of dance, dancer adventures, events, latest trends, music and cultural topics, plus a worldwide directory of teachers.

Robyn Friend
Expert on Persian Classical dance and music.

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