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Student Stories

BeckyLouveilI love this place, a lot of fun and you learn so much at every class, Katayoun is amazing!  If you want to learn about technique, or rhythms, or just love to move and dance, I recommend you check it out! Ayperi has a really fun veil class too!

Taking dance lessons has been a huge boost in confidence. Before joining Mosaique, I would dance at home almost every day. I knew I was limited and the only way I could get better was to start taking lessons. I came to the 2013 fall open house and signed up for my first beginner class with Katayoun. Since then I’ve learned numerous choreographies in several different styles, auditioned and was accepted into Troupe Eshveh and performed my first solo using a veil. I love to perform what I learn! The people I’ve met through dance are awesome! Dancing is a fun way to be appreciated, while giving to others and living in the moment, and it makes me happy.”

Mother, homemaker, substitute teachers aid, and half-marathoner

DeniseI started belly dance in 2013 at the encouragement of my sister who has been dancing for over 30 years. I found Mosaique and Katayoun through a dance friend and am so glad I did!

I have taken classes from a number of instructors and studios and have gained insight and ability through all of them that I am grateful for. Mosaique has a unique, relaxed, welcoming feel for all levels and dancers while providing challenging instruction that leads to advancement in dance ability and knowledge.

Studying Middle Eastern dance is easy for anyone to start and enjoy right away, and the learning continues on as you add layers, different styles, elements, and variations. Katayoun and her instructors are very supportive and skilled at making each class a positive, fun, and challenging experience. I look forward to class to enjoy the time and improve my abilities.

Scientist and retired Naval Officer


Becky and Irina first performance

Becky and Irina’s first belly dance performance.

Thank you, Katayoun, for offering such a nice variety of classes!

ShimmyFit, with its focus on belly dance fundamentals, is a great way to keep in shape. And I thoroughly enjoy the Rhythm & Raqs class. What a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice the various finger cymbals and drumming patterns. I also found the ‘make-your-own’ summer session package incredibly helpful in improving specific techniques and types of moves that I was longing to concentrate on.”

Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

Katayoun is a passionate and positive teacher who has accomplished impressive feats in her career.

Her studio is a beautiful and welcoming place and truly makes you feel like you are part of a community. Look no further for a wonderful place to begin or continue your dance journey!”

U.S. Marine Corps veteran

LindseyA little over 2 years ago, I decided that belly dancing was something I needed to try.

I was introduced to Ayperi by a mutual friend, and began lessons with her. I immediately fell in love with dance! I picked up as many lessons as I possibly could. As I continued to progress, I was invited to join Ayperi’s troupe. I followed her to Mosaique, and also worked on expanding my education by taking classes from Katayoun. Due to unforeseen events, I was forced to take a break from dance, and have recently returned.

I connect with the art of belly dance because it makes me feel incredibly grounded and “earthy.” I love how it is expressive, yet so technical. I love that it is a great confidence builder-whether it be confidence with body image, meeting new people, or perhaps going out to shake it in front of a room full of strangers!

As I am still technically new to the art, I have a lot to learn. I am looking forward to continuing my education and expanding my experience and confidence.

Registered Nurse and Presenter for Younique Cosmetics

11074164_10102381571508479_6364681500617781976_nMosaique offers a wealth of knowledge and a comfortable atmosphere for students of all levels!

There is always something new to learn.”


SitaraBandari4I took my first Middle Eastern dance class at William & Mary in 2003—it was love at first hip drop!

After I graduated, I didn’t have the opportunity to take another class until 2006. Later, the Tiraz Dance Network led me to Katayoun. Through my wonderful classes at Mosaique, I’ve fallen in love with folkloric dance styles, particularly Saidi and Khaleegy. I feel invincible when I dance. (If I can shimmy for an hour, I can do anything!) This past decade of dance has made me a stronger person, and I am grateful for the friends I’ve found within our Mosaique community.

pidemiologist and PhD student

Belly dance with Katayoun, class selfie.

Multi-level belly dance class selfie.

I have been taking classes at Mosaique Center for about a year now and I am so very grateful for Katayoun and staff!

Belly dance is a way that I love myself and my body.  It helps me to connect with myself physically in a way that taps into my spirit and creativity. It allows  me to express aspects of my being (from intense joy to deep grief) in a way that can only be done through dance.  It is also a way of sharing those aspects with others. Belly dance has also helped me to become comfortable with my body no matter its condition or size since it embraces and celebrates all figures.

Being from the Middle East it has also helped me tap into my cultural roots through dance and learn other styles from neighboring regions. Mosaique has connected me with a wonderful community of women, has encouraged me and supported me in dance and through various phases of life, and has provided me with excellent instruction in many styles of Middle Eastern dance. I am so very blessed to be a part of this studio!


Katayoun is amazing! I highly recommend a class with her!

I suffer from arthritis in my hips and felt that belly dancing would help. I am so happy I signed up for her classes! The belly dancing has helped with my arthritis, increased my energy level, given me self confidence again, I met some fabulous women, and I have so much fun! On top of that, I decided to become a dance teacher after taking her classes! She made me realize how much I enjoy and miss dancing! I also love the variety of classes given at her studio! I am incredibly grateful to Katayoun for her time and energy. She is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful soul!”

Mother, Artist/Entrepreneur

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.43.16 PMAfter taking classes at a couple of other studios, I came to Mosaique because of the way I felt while dancing there. Everyone is warm and welcoming. There is such a sense of community that is not found most places.

Katayoun is a masterful teacher. She truly wants to bring forth the dancer that is within each of us. She helps personalize the journey and celebrates each and every success her students have. Her heart is true, her smile is wide and her guidance is priceless. I will continue taking classes with Mosaique and hope to advance my performance skills, as well as my overall technique. I know Katayoun will assist me in these goals and we will have fun along the way!

Professor of Psychology

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