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Belly Dance and Persian Dance in Sterling, VA

Studio Policies


  • Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Only paid registrants are confirmed a spot in class.
  • Fees may be paid in person by check (payable to Mosaique LLC), cash (exact amount preferred) or debit/credit card processed by Square. Online payments are processed by Paypal. A Paypal account is not required.

In addition to class tuition, an initial one-time registration fee is required for all new students and students returning after one year or more of inactivity.

Adult – $50
Minor – $30

*Class Tuition

Our instructional programs are offered in thematic units that progress from week to week. Class fees are paid per session. Length of class sessions may vary. Check the Classes page for information on the current session.

$180 / 10-week session (regular enrollment sessions: fall, winter and spring)

Rates adjusted accordingly for special sessions, such as summer, guest instructors, and half-sessions.

Drop-in Fee

A single drop-in or trial class is $25 and does not include membership. The fee can be paid online or in person at the studio (debit/credit cards, check or cash in exact amount accepted). We would appreciate if you contact us (though not required) if you plan to drop-in to a class. We can provide relevant information about the class, materials you may need, and help the instructor prepare for your arrival.

Pay for One Class:
Enter class day/time

Mid-Session Registration
Some classes may be available for mid-session enrollment. If enrolling in a class that is already in session, class fees may be prorated after the second week of class to reflect the remaining number of classes. Contact us if you would like to enroll in a class that is in progress.

Workshop Registration
Workshops are open to both members and non-members alike. Non-member fee for Specialty Workshops is $40 and does not include membership.

*Subject to change.

Registration Policies

  • Minimum Enrollment: Instructor or director may cancel any class or workshop if minimum enrollment is not met at least five days prior to session start date. If class is canceled due to low enrollment, pre-registered students may transfer to another class on the schedule.
  • Make-Up Classes: You may make up missed classes by attending another class for the same level or below. Workshops are not included as a make up option. Make up classes must be in the same term as missed classes. In case of class cancellations due to inclement weather, every effort will be made to schedule a make up class; however this may not be possible.  In this case, you are encouraged to attend another class as a make-up.
  • Inclement weather or other emergency: We roughly follow Loudoun County Public School closing. Several channels of communication will be used to notify students of class cancellations, primarily email, this website and our Facebook page.  If you have doubt or need clarification, contact your instructor directly.

Class Etiquette

  • Arrive to class on time. Warm-up is critical to a safe and enjoyable dance experience. Students who are late to class more than 10 minutes may not be permitted to participate due to risk of injury.
  • Wear proper attire. Any form-fitting clothing, such as exercise, dance or yoga attire is perfect. For example, jazz pants or yoga pants, a tank top or t-shirt are great for dance class. Dance shoes are generally not required for beginner students, but are something you will need if you continue dancing. If you have any issues that make it difficult or unhealthy for you to dance in bare feet, please wear dance sneakers (not athletic shoes) to protect your feet. For the safety and enjoyment of all students, the following items are not permitted:
    • coin hip scarves or other noisy accessories
    • beaded scarves that are damaged or shedding
  • Respect the learning environmentInstructors reserve the right to remove any student or observer at their discretion who disrupts the enjoyable and safe learning environment, in which case no monies will be refunded or credited. Family and other guests must wait quietly in the seating area until class is dismissed.


We offer a rich curriculum that is presented in thematic units throughout the year. Each session you will explore a new theme, music and movements to add variety, while continually refining and building your skills. Each instructor brings her unique perspective and approach to the themes. New students may join at anytime during the year.

Thematic Units

Fall (September-November): “Fall in Love with Folklore”

Students explore the foundations of modern Middle Eastern dance through its folkloric roots. Dance movements will be presented in the context of rhythms and musical forms associated with folkloric styles as well as modern fusion innovations.

Holiday (December): “Holiday Session: Specialty Workshops”

Students explore specialty topics in a series of workshops and intensives for all levels. Topics include introductory and beginner workshops, using props and instruments, choreography, and specialty styles or technique. This session offers a flexible format allowing students to register a la carte.

Winter (January-March): “DeMystifying Music & Choreography”

Students explore Middle Eastern dances with a focus on musicality and choreography. At the beginner level, these concepts are presented very simply and will be revisited often as students progress throughout the program. More experienced and advanced students will have the opportunity to explore these concepts more in-depth.

Spring (April-June): “Performance Skills: Stage Dynamics & Storytelling”

Students explore belly dance as a performance art. Performance skills teach poise and confidence. Activities and exercises focus on enriching and advancing the individual, not necessarily preparing a performance for an audience. Though, that may be an option for some students.

Summer (July-August): “Review, Reflect & Evolve”

Students explore and review elements of dance and performance styles that enrich and enhance their experience. This session offers a flexible drop-in format. Specialty topics may include props such as Veil Dancing, or musical forms such as Drum Solo. Review topics may include specific techniques selected from the various seasonal themes, such as Shimmies, Figure Eights and Undulations.

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